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What is Johnson screen?

Johnson screen is also called wedge wire screen. It is welded together by V-shaped wire and support rod through ring welding process. its main function is filtration, separation and screening. Bluslot is a Chinese Johnson screen supplier, if you need it, please contact us: +86 15227806469.

Our products

About Bluslot

Bluslot was established in 1997, and the factory is located in Anping County, Hebei Province, China, the home of the world's wire mesh.
After more than 20 years of development, bluslot's products have covered all Johnson wedge wire screen products.
The main products include: Johnson screen, wedge wire filter, water & oil well screen, rotary drum screen, DSM screen, filter nozzle and so on.
We have 9 production lines and 3 factories in China and Ghana. Advanced production equipment, experienced production team, and perfect quality management system have made our products far superior to our peers.

Advantages of Johnson Screen

1. Structural

Compared with woven mesh filter elements, Johnson screen filter products have inherent advantages in structure.

1) Self-supporting structure, high mechanical strength, no need for perforated tube, expanded metal tube, and other supporting materials.

2) The filter surface is of a V-shaped wire structure, and there are only two points of contact between impurities and the surface. Impurities are easy to clean and not clogged.

2. Opening rate

The best way to improve filtration efficiency and save energy (reduce pressure drop) is to increase the opening rate. The continuous slotted v-wire structure makes Johnson screen filter products have a high opening rate.
Increasing the hole diameter of the perforated mesh can improve the opening rate, but at the same time, it also loses the structural strength. Johnson screen is the perfect solution to replace the product.

3. Stable filtration efficiency

As the use time of the woven mesh filter and the sintered filter element increases, the filter material will be damaged, which will greatly reduce the filter efficiency and increase the operating cost of the filter system.
The gap is a continuous slotted structure, which maintains a stable filtration accuracy and ensures the effective retention of the filter medium.

Application of Johnson Screen

1. Water treatment, water distributor, municipal water intake, river water intake, dam engineering, agricultural irrigation, seawater desalination.

2. Water well, oil well, natural gas well.

3. Coal washing plant and mining.

4. Petroleum, chemical, natural gas.

5. Filter separation equipment, such as backwash filter, activated carbon filter, Diatomaceous filter, solid-liquid separator, etc.

6. Pulp mill, sugar mill, brewery, food and beverage factory.

7. Fertilizer, feed, pharmaceutical.